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    Blister machine MB960


    Suitable for small and medium production batches.
    Very well known for extreme flexibility, versatility and operational simplicity;
    Completely flat film flow even allows to produce up to high depth, specific for trays suitable for ampoules and syringes;
    Real "balcony type" design to reduce any kind of cross contamination in the working area and have a quick access to all machine features;
    Compliance with the GMP standards starting from the design stage;
    User - friendly touch screen with Multilanguage – commands and eventual PC integration;
    Including the ability to thermoform any material from the standard PVC, to PVC-PVDC, TRIPLEX, Aclar, PET, ALU-ALU;
    Very short size change over time: from 10 to 20 minutes for complete size change over tool.

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    Mechanical speed : up to 60 cycles/minute
    Max. Forming area : indexing 140 mm – web width 180 mm 
    Max. Forming depth : 18 mm
    Production up to 120 blisters / minute

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    10 minutes for a partial size change over operation;
    20 minutes for a complete size change over operation;
    Extreme operational and maintenance simplicity but highly reliable machine;
    Possibility to apply multiple printing units on the machine, for BATCH and EXP, as far for ALU material printing;
    Multiple feeding systems at the same time;
    Reject control on scrapped units;