Design and Construction of Automatic Machines

    Our Mission & Strategy

    Monolab  mission is to support the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, food and cosmetic industries to design and supply process equipments and solutions that combine all reliable elements to guarantee end user needs.
    Our company could grow year after year not providing standard solutions, but solutions which correspond to the end user specific needs.

    We always try to understand and know our customer needs, history and experience; we build our equipments around this premises, in order to fully comply with customer expectations.

    Vitafoods Europe MONOLAB will be present at Vitafoods Europe 09 / 11 May 2017, Geneva, Switzerland You can meet MONOLAB qualified staff and discuss about specific request in pharmaceutical, food and chemical a...
    MONOLAB is pleased to announce the enlargement of his warehouse plant
    The enlargement of second warehouse plant located in Rovereto S.S (MODENA), has the aim to ensure more flexibility and timeliness on production equipments proposed by MONOLAB. Our standard way of m...
    Pharmintech Italy
     MONOLAB has attended the recent Pharmintech Italy 13 / 15 April 2016, Bologna, Italy Thanks to all people that visited us . This has been a very succesful exhibition for Monolab. ...

    Blister packaging line


    MONOLAB  offers a wide range of services for the food, pharma and chemical industry, from initial analysis of requested solution to complete commissioning, validation and maintenance activities

    Job & career

    By working with us you will find what you’ve been looking for a professional challenge, working on new products and technologies, with an attractive employment package, a pleasant and comfortable working environment.