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    Cartoning machine MP300


    Suitable for production batches up to 220 boxes/ minute.”Balcony type" design to avoid any kind of cross contamination in the working area and have a quick access to all machine features; User friendly touch screen with Multilingual commands and eventual PC integration; No use of chains but only plastic toothed belts, in order to have great packaging integrity and minimum working noise. Quick size change over time as there are few parts to be replaced: from 20 to 30 minutes for complete size change over process. Integrated brushless motors for different parts movement.

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    Mechanical speed : up to 200 cycles/minute
    Available box width (A): 35 – 100 mm
    Available box height (B): 15 – 65 mm
    Available box length (C): 70 – 150 mm

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    20 minutes for a partial size change over operation;
    30 minutes for a complete size change over operation;
    Extremely simple to operate and maintain but highly reliable machine;
    Possibility to apply ink jet printing units on the machine, data and code readers, HOT MELT applicators, leaflet and card applicators.
    Easy to connect with end of line machines.